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Anonymous said...

We had an amazing time at your resort!!! The onl suggestions I would make are either a CD player or IPod dock station and check the shower status(water was sooooooooooo cold) before we got there. Am hoping to return next year-we had a fabulous vacation!

Audrey L. Rossi said...

9 Beaches has the most spectacular, stunning ocean views!!!

The staff were phenomenal and could not be more accommodating!!!! I cannot say enough good things about every single staff member there. They will make anything happen for you and all with a smile.

The Ala Carte service was just awesome. When you check in they give you a cell phone with pre-programmed numbers. Simply call them and they will bring you your order to wherever you are on the property! They rock!

You have every land and water sport option you could want.
We snorkeled and kayaked right from our own beach...that was awesome!

Our kids are 16 and 18 and had their own cabana behind ours and NEVER once did they say they were bored. They kept commenting on how awesome the place was and how cool everyone there was. That says a lot about 9 Beaches and the staff when you can impress teens and keep them entertained.

The only thing I think needs improvement is a good safe in the room. They offer a safe deposit box at the front desk, but that is not really convenient. So that would be the ONLY thing I would change.

Just cannot compliment 9 Beaches enough. They did a great job and provided us with a true vacation, with not a care in the world. And for that, I cannot thank them enough.

Liz said...

9 Beaches is a very special place! I came home relaxed and happy after just a few days. I love it and will be back. About the hot water...I realized after a cold shower my first morning that it is solar heated so plan for an afternoon shower. By 3pm you have plenty of hot water.

Kerry Ann Amaral said...

We had our wedding on April 21st 2007 and everything was spectacular! We had a problem with our flights to get there and had to take a cruise in. We ended up arriving only a few hours before we said our "I Do's". Everyone was so great entertaining our families and accommodating us when we arrived. We felt like family as soon as we stepped out of the cab. Our wedding was one for the history books and wouldn't trade it for the world! Sue and Kay were outstanding with planning and executing all my ideas. I can not say thank you enough for making all my dreams come true! We will be seeing you very soon to celebrate what we pulled off! To all brides to be......choose 9 Beaches they will make your dreams reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B.G. said...

My husband and I just returned from a long weekend at 9 Beaches and we absolutely LOVED it!! We were so happy with our cabana and the amazing ocean view. We also really enjoyed having lunch at Dark n' Stormy's. Most importantly though, we were so pleasantly surprised by the staff. Everyone was so helpful and friendly! Rachel was great answering all my questions before we got there. Shaine, aka Benny, was super at keeping the swizzles coming and sharing stories about 9 Beaches, and Terri was a wealth of information. We were made to feel right at home from the time we arrived until we (sadly) had to leave. We can not wait to come back!

Anonymous said...

We can stop looking...we have now found our final Bermuda destination in "9 Beaches."We absoluterly loved the resort. We have been to Bermuda many times. We originally stayed at the "Bermudiana" which is no more. We have stayed at the "Princess" which is now Fairmont, the Elbow Beach Hotel, and the Sonesta which is now Windham and I believe in the 9 Beaches family of resorts??? We have stayed at a number of smaller hotels also and we owned time sharing at the Hamiltonian for many years when our children were young. If you don't need all the luxury of the big Hotels this is the place to stay. The beaches, the beaches, the beaches. We found more than 9. All beautiful. When a storm came in they were out there 1st thing cleaning and raking them. The grounds were kept clean and beautiful. It lives up to the hype... the pictures. We were sooooo pleasantly surprised. The staff was friendly, old Bermuda friendly, and so very accomodating. We loved the cabana's. Not luxurious like the big hotels but clean and well thought out so that you have everything you might need. There was an overnight thunderstorm during our stay and it was awesome. Of all the lovely places we have stayed we have never been directly on the beach like we were here. Because of the storm our beach was rough and windy the next day so we just went to another beach around the bend and it was as calm as could be. We loved ordering w/ a la cart and having whatever we wanted brought to us wherever we were. A picnic lunch, an ice cream, a pina colada or burghers and fries...and Bermuda has the best fries anywhere! We easily took our bikes on the ferry to St. George and Hamilton but we did not keep them for our entire stay (a first) as we did not want to leave the resort. We have already reserved cabana's for our family for 2008 when we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversay with our children and grandchildren. Can not wait! kathieSpat

Anonymous said...

I am getting ready to come in 2008 and would like to be reassured that the comments that were posted from 2005-2006 about the accomodations bein unaccpetable have changed. They were hot, a/c did not work, hot water not available until the afternoon in the showers, cow farm smelled so badly that they checked out, didn't even stay a day. Also, the restaurants weren't all open, service was extremely slow. Please assure me that this has changed!!!!

9Beaches said...


9 Beaches officially opened in 2005 and unfortunately many TripAdvisor reviews were pretty scathing. The hotel has made significant progress year-over-year and is now rated the 8th best hotel out of 34 in all Bermuda.

For an ultra-casual resort on luxury resort oriented Bermuda that's pretty remarkable. We would recommend you read the 2007 reviews as they are more indicative of today's experience. We are confident our improved customer service and satisfaction will extend into 2008 when you arrive so your experience should be even better.

We now have large air conditioners in every cabana and are busy working on ways to make them even more effective. It's not easy air conditioning a tent and when it's blazing hot it will never be as cool as one of Bermuda's luxury (and much more expensive) hotels.

9 Beaches is located next door to a farm. While most often the wind is blowing away from the farm on rare occasions it blows toward the hotel and a few cabanas closest to the farm are affected - not the entire resort. Although rare, it does occur. We are working with the farmer, and have even employed a former senior member of the US Agriculture Department to develop ways of minimizing and even eliminating the farm smell. We hope to have this solved in 2008.

The only time our restaurants are not all open is at the very beginning and the very end of the year as we are gearing up and winding down. That's why we offer an extremely attractive Grand Opening rate the first week in April when we re-open for the season. It takes a little time to gear up and so we make it extremely easy on the pocketbook.

Note: 9 Beaches is considerably less expensive than traditional Bermuda luxury hotels. One of the biggest problems 9 Beaches faced when it first opened in 2005 was people thinking they were buying a Luxury Bermuda vacation for cheap. They were not the type of people who feel comfortable at an ultra-casual resort. 9 Beaches is not as expensive as other Bermuda resorts, nor does it claim to offer a luxury vacation.

9 Beaches is best suited for people who want to kick back and relax, wear casual clothes and not have to worry about getting "dressed" for dinner. It is for active and more adventurous guests. Read some of the TripAdvisor reviews and try to imagine the type of person writing them. We think you'll find you can spot the ones who prefer to wear flip-flops (usually a 4.0-5.0 rating) and those who prefer to wear stilettos (less than a 4.0 rating).

That is one reason we include a link to TripAdvisor on the 9 Beaches web site and recommend people call the hotel to discuss their vacation. Believe it or not, we actually discourage people we suspect as being luxury seeking stiletto wearers from booking a vacation at 9 Beaches. If we only attracted the laid back, active, adventurous water sports loving crowd the hotel could be rated #1 or #2 in Bermuda!

I do hope this provides you with the reassurance you were looking for.

We look forward to entertaining you.

Anonymous said...

my husband and I have been coming to Bermuda since our honeymoon in 1988. Our children have grown up vacationing on your beautiful island and swimming in the crystal blue water. We have stayed in a variety of accommodations over the years, including luxury hotels. Last September (2007) we left our children for the first time and decided to come to 9 Beaches for a long weekend. Words cannot express how much we enjoyed your little "peninsula of paradise". I cannot wait to return with our children. But first we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary in May at our new favorite place, 9 Beaches!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are staying at 9 Beaches during the summer of 08, and can't wait to get there. We were wondering about the food in the all inclusive program. Is it open menu selection, a set of fixed dishes or buffet style?

Anonymous said...

We are really looking forward to our first visit to Bermuda and love everything we have read about 9 Beaches! We are due to stay the first week of April and I noticed some comments on your blog about 9 Beaches still getting geared up that week. Should we expect to find some of the facilities closed? I had been dreaming about the A la carte....!

See you next month!

9Beaches said...

The all-inclusive program is a combination of a buffet and open menu selection. Breakfast every day is a hot continental buffet - you can choose from a wide variety of hot (and cold) items to start your day! For lunch and dinner the all-inclusive program includes an open menu selection. And, if you get hungry during the day, just dial A la Carte on your cell phone to place an order and they’ll bring it wherever you are at 9 Beaches!

See you this summer! (And bring your appetite!)

9Beaches said...

To the first guests of the season,

When 9 Beaches opens for our 4th season on April 1st, all facilities at 9 Beaches will be operational. A la Carte will be ready and waiting to bring your food to wherever you are on property!

Also be sure to visit Fantasea and induldge in the many water sports they offer!

See you soon,

Bill & Mary Jane Hoyt said...

In 2007 we spent 3 days at 9 Beaches and 4 days in St George's, and we said in 2008 we're going to spend all of our 8 days in 9 Beaches since we had so much fun! Well we just booked in May 2008 the day of our departure 9 days for 2009. If you like to sail, snorkel, kayaka and take long walks this is the resort to stay.
We would like to compliment the staff, espically Ismedla, Sonia, Connie, George, Martin, Rachel and of course Sue and Robbin the Managers. They made our stay very special in so many ways. They became part of our family.

Bill & Mary Jane said...

In 2007 we spent 3 days at 9 Beaches and 4 days in St George's, and we said in 2008 we're going to spend all of our 8 days in 9 Beaches since we had so much fun! Well we just booked in May 2008 the day of our departure 9 days for 2009. If you like to sail, snorkel, kayaka and take long walks this is the resort to stay.
We would like to compliment the staff, espically Ismedla, Sonia, Connie, George, Martin, Rachel and of course Sue and Robbin the Managers. They made our stay very special in so many ways. They became part of our family.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are considering a trip very soon and this resort sounds like a great fit for us. Few questions: How did Hurricane/TS Bertha affect 9 Beaches and the cabanas? Everything OK? If the resort was adversely affected, how quickly will the beaches and reef recover? Also, I read where the company servicing your resort with water sport instruction and rentals was no longer in operation there. What are the plans for providing those services? We are so looking forward to snorkeling and maybe even kayaking for the first time (but definitely snorkeling). Additionally, we plan to explore the entire island during our 4-5 day stay, so I'm not sure if the a la carte option is best for us. Can you comment on the typical meal prices off-site for lunch and dinner? Even a ballpark range would be helpful to budget ahead of time. Lastly, my only concern is bugs in the cabanas - what's the reality on that aspect?

9Beaches said...

Tropical Storm Bertha left no serious damage to the resort. Our cabanas are made of very strong sail cloth and aluminum and are surprisingly sturdy structures having withstood hurricanes in the past.

Our water sports company is new this year. Fantasea Diving and Water Sports offers kayaking, snorkeling, underwater scooters (very cool!) jet skis, snuba and scuba diving (with lessons) and much more! Be sure to kayak or snorkel out to the wreck of the Vixen to explore.

Typical off-site meal prices are comparable to our prices. Lunch is usually around $15 to $18 and dinner including a starter, entrée and dessert is $40 to $50 and up.

For the reality of bugs in the cabanas, ants and cockroaches are all over sub-tropical Bermuda, in people’s houses and other hotels. Most of the time there is no problem, but we do supply bug spray in case. Try not to leave empty food containers or soda cans on your veranda. Mosquitoes are not really a problem, but it would be best to use OFF or similar in the early evening.

Anonymous said...

What is the best, fastest way to get to/from resort from the airport?

9Beaches said...

Since there are no rental cars in Bermuda, you really have two options to get from the airport to the hotel:

Taxi - There are always plenty of taxis waiting to welcome new arrivals. Once you clear customs you can select a clean and modern taxi that can whisk you straight to the hotel. It takes approximately 50 minutes and costs approximately $60.

When you leave 9 Beaches the front desk will be happy to arrange a taxi to take you back to the airport for your journey home.

Bermuda Host - This is a local transportation company that can arrange to pick you up at the airport and get you back less expensively than a taxi. You will share a van with other Bermuda vacationers and the time it takes to get you to 9Beaches will vary depending on how many stops the van makes along the way.

You can contact Bermuda Host at 441-293-1334 or They will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

John L. Gassert said...

Hi everybody, I just wanted to thank you all for the great time I had while visiting 9beaches. All of you, staff and guests included, were friendly, warm, curteous, informative and fun to talk with. I made many new friends while on Bermuda and will be back again. I've been spreading the word here in Virginia and to all my email friends around the country. The facilities were as I had expected, the weather was perfect and the staff couldn't have been nicer to me. I was on my own this trip and felt right at home with everyone there. I'd like to give a special thank you to (please excuse any misspelling) Kerreta and Laurie at the front desk, Lucinda, Giardello and of course Happy who I adore. I hope you and all the staff will be there the next time I visit. You are what makes 9beaches so nice to visit. Keep in touch. I'd be glad to hear from you.

John Gassert

Andrew Goyer said...

9 Beaches resort is AMAZING! The views and ambiance are second to none and everyone on the staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful.

This is a great place to come, relax and enjoy yourself on a peaceful vacation. And if you are looking for some excitement, try visiting Uhm Um's bar in the reception area and see if Jahdel is working. He turned a couple of low key nights into all night entertainment with his superb drink mixing and ability to draw a crowd. He was very entertaining and as busy as it got at times for him he was always ready to help a friend out when they needed another round!

Everyone at the front desk was also very helpful, especially Dana. It was great getting insight into Bermuda life through him and I am glad that we got to interact with him as much as we did. He had very insightful suggestions that proved to be invaluable for us during our stay.

I highly recommend 9 Beaches and you can be sure that the next time I am in Bermuda, I will be staying there!

Great job guys,
Andrew & Dana

Anonymous said...

9 Beaches was mentioned in the April 6, 2009 issue of New York magazine on page 50. It was a special, 'Escape from New York' issue.