Thursday, May 29, 2008

9 Beaches is Eco-Friendly

With all of our accommodations in cabanas on stilts, we have little environmental impact to the land. All cabanas have ample windows and double doors that open onto ocean view verandas. Ceiling fans and tropical breezes maintain comfortable temperatures, although air-conditioners are available if you need that extra bit of cool air. Our cabanas also feature solar powered lighting and hot water. Other environmental aspects include:
  • Battery operated transportation around resort
  • Caught rainwater for use in the hotel
  • Minimal air conditioning; main house air-conditioned only in hot months. Doors open for fresh air.
  • Motion sensors on exterior cabana lights
  • Pedal bicycles for transportation
  • Use of local produce

Of course, we utilize eco-basics such as replacing sheets and towels only upon your request, asking you to conserve water and serving drinking water on request only. The daily newspaper is provided in the lobby only, not in every room, and the staff reuses paper in the fax machine and photocopier.

We are especially proud of our Xeric garden landscaping used throughout the resort and dotted with artificial Longtail nests to encourage the native bird population. Our “xeriscape” is attractive and sustainable, conserves water by using native plants that require no additional watering and is based on sound horticultural practices.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Refresh with a Coconut Drink

When you go on a beach vacation, part of the fun is treating yourself with a refreshing tropical drink! When you visit us at 9 Beaches you now can enjoy a delicious tropical drink right out of a coconut.

First time guests John and Gunilla Sturrock from Boston really enjoyed 9 Beaches (and our delicious coconut drinks!) They found 9 Beaches on the internet decided to stay once they saw the pictures. John said "the pictures sold me!"

They stayed in a Paradise Pier Cabana and really loved the sound of the ocean beneath them. We hope to see them again when they return with their two children.

So, stay at 9 Beaches for a relaxing romantic vacation, family vacation, or just to enjoy a fun cocktail!