Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Results of Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill came within 170 miles of Bermuda this past Saturday. Fortunately, 9 Beaches received no damage from the storm.

No, wait, we take that back.

Here is documented damage from the storm. WARNING! It's very graphic and may be upsetting to some.

Monday, August 24, 2009

No Damage from Bill!

Thank you for your calls and emails of concern for us at 9 Beaches. We're happy to report that Hurricane Bill was a minor annoyance to some and an extra dose of adventure for all.

We dodged the worst of Hurricane Bill as it passed almost 200 miles to the west of the island early Saturday morning. But just as the weather before Bill was sunny and beautiful, it is the same now.

There were about 80 guests who stayed to brave the storm. We moved all the guests to cabanas on the leeward side of the resort away from the storm. A good move as our main beach remained relatively calm throughout.

One guest chose to move to a cabana on the stormy side. While he said it did get pretty noisy the cabana was nice and dry. The cabanas at 9 Beaches are built to withstand hurricanes so the gale force winds from Bill were not a problem.

With winds reaching 50 miles per hour, we did experience several hours without power but everything is already back in working order. Guests were impressed with our hurricane preparedness.

9 Beaches as you know is for adventurous individuals. Over the weekend our guests received an extra dose and enjoyed it!

Here is a "Before and After" shot of Dark 'n Stormy's!