Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Surprise Birthday!

Anita and Michael recently visited 9 Beaches for the first time for Michael’s birthday celebration. They love to surprise each other for their birthdays, so Anita went above and beyond to make sure Michael’s birthday was extra-special.

Prior to their trip she secretly emailed back and forth with Willy, our concierge. To find out what she planned for him, you'll have to read all about it here. Anita and Michael also posted several pictures of the cabanas and even a few videos!

9 Beaches is the perfect place to relax and have a fun, casual celebration of any kind! If you have something you want to celebrate during your stay at 9 Beaches, just let us know! We can arrange to have flowers, champagne, fruit baskets and even a cake delivered to your Cabana before your arrival.

If you have celebrated a special occasion at 9 Beaches or are planning to, share your story with us!