Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Five Brave Men

(click the image for best effect)

These handsome Englishmen are staying at 9 Beaches while waiting for their Royal Navy ship to arrive at the Dockyard nearby. They are all Navy divers who not only repair the Navy ships but are also expert at disarming bombs and mines.

This brave bunch are thoroughly enjoying their stay and as one said, "9 Beaches is just our cup of tea!"

You'll find all sorts of interesting and adventurous guests here at 9 Beaches. Do you have any messages you would like us to pass along to our boys? Send a comment.


Julia B. said...

Now I know why my girlfriend suggested 9Beaches for our vacation. Signed, 2 Brave Women.

Anonymous said...

So in contemplating this vacation, I was wondering just how fun it would be coming single....guess I see now...