Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Making Friends is Easy at 9 Beaches

Whether adult or child, it just seems so easy to meet new friends at 9 Beaches. Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps it’s our relaxed and ultra-casual atmosphere.

Jenny “Sunshine” Gould (age 6) and her brother Jonathan (age 8) from Boston met up with new friend Colin Smith (age 9, middle) on Windward Beach, a great gathering spot for kids. The children were supervised by Jenny & Jonathan’s mother Kerry who was just off camera relaxing on a beach lounge and reading a book.

A quick survey (with a sample of 3) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that kids love 9 Beaches. Best liked features in order include the beaches, cabanas, freedom and food.

PS - It won’t be long before they are all grown up like the lads below. Enjoy the youth while you can. See you soon.


BlueBerry Pick'n said...

Can't wait to be there later this week!

I am so jazzed about this vacation...

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